Post Race Report: ZOMBIES!

I’m happy to report that I survived a zombie apocalypse this weekend. But only just barely!

On Saturday morning, Sarah and I ran the FIRST EVER Run for Your Lives zombie apocalypse themed 5k in the small town of Darlington, MD. A few months ago, I couldn’t stop talking about how much I wanted to try out an obstacle course race; because honestly, who doesn’t want to get a little muddy sometimes? Right around that time, Sarah found out about the Run for Your Lives race which not only had obstacles, but ZOMBIES too. Of course, this was right up my ally, so it only took me about 0.2 seconds to register.

This race was super unique and unlike any I’ve run in the past. Essentially, they gave us all a flag football belt with 3 flags. These flags signify your “life”. The zombies (yes, there were real people/runners dressed as zombies) were going for your life flags. If you lost all 3 to the zombies, then you finish the race as one of the undead. If you cross the finish line with one or more of your flags still in tact, then you finish alive and can brag to all of your friends that you are now fully prepared in the event of a full-fledged zombie attack…not that I would ever do that or anything!

As with any newbie race, this one had its growing pains. Picture this scenario: try to cram about 10,000 people, in one afternoon, into a town built for 3,000. I’m sure that you can imagine how this is going to play out. The website told us to show up 1-1.5 hours before our heat time. We did exactly that, what we didn’t anticipate was the 45 minutes of traffic trying to get into the parking lot, and the 45 minute wait for the shuttle to the start line. We totally missed our 9am start time, but luckily, everyone else did too. After about an hour of panic, we were able to run in the 10am wave.

The race itself was so much fun! Even though I knew I was running, it didn’t feel like it. I was way too distracted making friends and strategizing with my fellow runners about ways to avoid/defeat the zombies. Turns out that running from something really brings out the survival instincts in me. I banded together with groups of strangers and charged at swarms of zombies so there was less of a chance that they could get me.

There were 12 obstacles along the course: including a swim in a lake (brrrrr!), climbing haystacks, and scaling up nets. Although, I’d have to say I think the biggest obstacle we encountered was the MUD! It was thick. I’d imagine that trying to run in that mud would be comparable to running in a big vat of pudding. It was just impossible to get any grip or stability. Plus, it took about 45 minutes in the shower to finally wash it all off!

It was so worth it. There are already talks about doing this race again next year. Hopefully with a bigger group of people, and hopefully with less traffic. Great atmosphere, fun course, z0mbies and free beer. Does life get any better?

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  1. Megan Rapp

     /  October 25, 2011

    Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! Where is it? If they do this again next year I want to be part of it. And I am not a zombie person. You know what it’s like? A huge capture of the flag inserted into a race with obstacles. Okay, so maybe not exactly the same but still. Nice job Cait!

  1. Happy 1 Year! « Cait Strides

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