Grocery Shopping

I’m a prideful person. That being said, it takes me awhile to admit that I have a problem, or that I am afraid of something, or that I need help.

I started this blog with the lofty hopes of being able to cook for myself. How many recipes have you seen? Approximately 1. While I have strived at the whole trying-new-foods thing, I have fallen flat on my face at my primary goal: cooking. Recently, I’ve been asking myself why?

Then, the answer hit me: I fear shopping for groceries.

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Sounds ridiculous, right? Just saying it out loud makes me a little bit embarrassed. This can’t be a common problem.

Unfortunately, this is not a joke. I picked out dozens of recipes from various cookbooks and online sites that I want to try, but every time the thought of cooking crosses my mind, the feat of grocery shopping for the dish overwhelms to me.

I’ve always lived pretty simply. You can ask my college roommates, my shelf in the pantry was the least full by far. It consisted primarily of pancake mix, granola bars, and two year old lemonade that I refused to throw out. The catch: in college I had a meal plan and access to some of the finest collegiate dining facilities in the country. Have I ever mentioned on here how much I miss college? Because of this, I never taught myself to cook. I never had to. Result: I’ve never had to grocery shop for a meal.

I guess I didn’t take that into account when I started this little blog.

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To me, walking into a grocery store is like venturing into a foreign country where I don’t speak the language. As the saying goes, it’s all greek to me. What’s the difference between brands? How do I know what cut of meat to get? I feel like I’ll be wandering around the store aimlessly for hours. This is enough to deter me from cooking. Sound familiar? I do the same thing while trying new foods. Just the thought of trying something new scares me, and that’s enough to make me never do it. How do you think I’ve gone by whole life without eating a single vegetable? Kind of makes me wonder to how many other things in my life I employ this philosophy. Hmmm…

Sorry to get all introspective. Moving on.

Money. I know that organic and “real” food is a bit more expensive than the processed “bad” food. The ultimate American irony, is it not? We’re supposed to eat well, but it costs so much less to eat like crap…and then we all wonder why obesity is such a huge issue. Yes, I have a job. Yes, I can afford it. Yet, my college mentality (read: my I-can-stretch-60-dollars-out-over-a-month mentality) persists. One of my roadblocks to grocery shopping has been this thought, “I’d rather not spend $70 on groceries today, so I might as well not go at all.”

I’m working on ways to overcome this. Peer pressure has seemed to work so far. It’s true that things are less scary when done in groups. So, I would appreciate cooking buddies. [insert shameless plea here :D] But I do know that eventually I will need to overcome this on my own, and that thought is also scary.

What are your grocery shopping tips? Any advice (other than to just suck it up) to help me overcome this fear would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Sistor – this weekend…lets go grocery shopping for a meal on Sunday and then you can help me cook it! Sound good?

  2. Erika

     /  November 10, 2011

    Real food doesn’t come in plastic containers and paper boxes!

  3. Meredith

     /  November 14, 2011

    Shopping for one recipe generally isn’t too bad, because you can get in and out of the store quickly and without spending a ton of money. I’d say start small (ingredients for one recipe) and maybe pick a recipe that doesn’t have a ton of ingredients to start.


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