Have a Very Hipster Christmas

I know I haven’t posted anything recently, and I swear, it’s because I’ve been busy. Busy transforming myself into a hipster. Yes, you heard that right. I have learned the in’s and out’s of hipster-dom and am working on becoming one full-time. Well, just for yesterday anyway. My friend Sarah (who is becoming a regular feature in this here blog, surprise surprise) and I decided to be ironic (because we love irony) and dress up as hipsters. It’s ironic because we are the world’s worst hipsters. After a day of google researching, we made the full transformation.

So thus I present to you, without further ado…

A Very Hipster Christmas

To get in the spirit at 7am, Sarah and I sang spirited Hipster Carols via our Apple iPhones.

Coffee and Poetry. Apparently hipsters love this.

Naughty and Nice? Hipsters love their irony.

She’d rather be listening to this new band…you’ve probably never heard of them.

My job is so mainstream.

Hipsters just don’t care. We just don’t.

A very hipster lunch. Okay, not really, but we were hungry, okay!?

Meat? Not hipster.

Now that’s what I call a hipster fortune.

Our co-workers were NOT impressed.

Gotta stay up on the latest trends.

Hipster cat

Bathroom mirror pictures are essential

So is PBR.

And a good one. I love my co-worker’s festiveness.

After spending one full day of receiving odd looks and people giggling at me in the hall, I’m thinking that hipster days are numbered. But it’s been real while it lasted.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Um….this is amazing. haha. I won’t admit to how much of it mirrors my current lifestyle 😉

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