A Day in the Life

You know what’s interesting? The day-to-day. You may think your life seems mundane, but it’s crazy how much stuff happens in just one regular old day. That’s why I decided to do this post: to track an entire day of my life via pictures and share them with you all.

Now, I can’t totally take credit for this idea. I stole it from my friend Cassie, who writes a great blog that you should all check out. After reading her “A Day in My Life” post, I realized how different our daily schedules are. It got me thinking about how everyone lives in such incredibly various ways.

So, without further ado, here is Friday, February 24th, 2012 in the life of Cait:

8:00am – Alarm goes off for the first time and I press Snooze. Oops

8:09am – Alarm goes off for the second time and I force myself out of bed.

8:10am – Assess the damage from the night. Ouch…

Yes, hello blog world, this IS what I look like first thing in the morning!

8:10am-8:50am – Ready for work, but still tired. I am SO not a morning person.

8:52am – Begin commute.

8:57am – Arrive at work (yes, I literally live 5 minutes from my place of employment)

9:02am – Get water from the fridge. CHUG!

9:02 ½ am – Go for round 2. This happens every morning.

9:05am – Breakfast! Usually a granola bar, sometimes a banana. Today was a PB Granola bar. Om nom!

9:15am – 5 hour energy shots with my co-worker Jane. This is a special Friday tradition that we have been doing for about a year. She found out that I don’t drink caffeine at all and decided it would be hilarious to make me take a 5 hour energy. I did it once and sort of became hooked. But we keep it limited to Fridays so that I don’t build up a tolerance and we can still laugh when I bug out.

9am – 10am – Do my job.

That’s my desk. Cool, right?

10:05am – Go downstairs to say hi to my Media Center pals.

Hi Sarah!

10:10am – The energy shot kicks in.

10:15am – I find funky toys to play with.

10:30am – noon – More worky, work.

11:14am – Remember it’s my Dad’s birthday today and send him this text!

12:01pm – Hunger sets in! Snack on some Easter themed Peanut Butter M&M’s.

12:38pm – Sarah sends me this cute picture of a bunny at a computer desk. I die of eternal happiness.

12:48pm – Peak over to my TV and realize that “What Not to Wear” is on. Secretly wish that someone would nominate me for this show.

1:00pm – Get pizza from the pizza truck that’s outside of my office for the day. 35% of the proceeds benefit the Discovery Dodgeball team that is playing in a tournament to benefit diabetes research.

1:03pm – Drink soda (which I never do). 5 hour energy + soda = trouble!

1:15pm – Lunch party!

Nice face, Pera.

1:30pm – Say hi to Jane who is sporting her dodgeball gear for the cause.

After lunch – 5pm – More work.

3:18pm – My favorite song from 5th grade comes on. Insta-nostalgia!

5:00-5:05pm – Rainy commute home.

5:06pm – I remember that I hate rain.

5:15pm – Pack a bag at lightning speed to beat the rush hour traffic. I head to my parent’s house because it’s my Dad’s birthday.

5:30pm – Get stuck in traffic anyway.

Traffic may not look bad, but I was keeping ample space between me and the car in front of me to take the picture.

5:45pm – Willard and I jam out to tunes.

6pm – I decide to wear this hat ironically.

6:30pm – arrive at my parent’s house.

6:33pm – My mom steals my laundry and starts to do it. I don’t protest. For the record, I am fully capable of doing my own laundry, but my mom always steals it before I have a chance and does it. She says she likes to do it. I don’t get it, but hey, whatever!

6:35pm – Say hi to the Birthday Dad and my sister.

6:37pm – Appe-teasers.

6:39pm – Dad starts making the first round of drinks. Maaaargaritas!!

6:55pm – Dad opens the first homebrew of the batch he just made. I have a taste. Yum!

7:00pm – My brother-in-law, Robert finally arrives.

7:15pm – Dinner is served. Burger and sweet potato fries for me. Om nom nom!

7:45pm – After dinner turds. At least that’s what my dad calls his favorite toy. It’s really a reindeer who poops out jellybeans.

8:15pm – Dad opens his birthday presents. I got him a personalized sign for his “Dad Pad”: think man cave, only cooler!

8:15pm – Second drink.

8:58pm – Bed time for the sister. She usually makes it until right around 9, but went out a little early this night. I snuck this sneaky picture and she is going to kill me for posting it. Worth it!

9:15pm – We wake the sister up for some birthday ice cream cake. If you can figure out our numbering system for the candles, gold star for you! Hint: my dad is 56 this year.

10pm – Erin and Robert head home and someone breaks out the mead. Yes, you read that correctly, I said: MEAD!

10pm – 11pm – Chill and unwind time.

11:05pm – Get ready for bed. Once again, only the most attractive pictures of me on this blog. Hah!

11:20pm – Night, night!

What did you do today?

Babe’s: A Eulogy

You may not know this about me, but I’m a regular at a bar. Think: How I Met Your Mother, but instead of living right above it, I work right across from it.


But let’s be honest here, it’s the same concept. My bartender, Jeremy, knows exactly what I like to drink (Shock Top, please!) and pours a cold one for me before I even walk in the door! He once told me that should I want to come after work, that all I needed to do was give him a ring ahead and he would have a tall beer waiting for me when I arrived. I mean, seriously, how awesome is that?

My relationship with Babe’s wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. The first few months were very rocky as they sorted out the situation between the bar and the wait staff. But that’s when they hired Jeremy, the best bartender ever. Immediately, he made us feel at home and started to take care of us. For months, Mike(y) and I have been frequenting Babe’s for a Shock Top (or two) and their world famous (to us) grilled cheese! We would leave very happy customers, looking something like this:

I’ve never been a regular anywhere until now…besides a small stint in college where the waitress at Little Italy (a local pizza place) would recognize me whenever I went in there. When I graduated and went back, she asked where I had been hiding. But I don’t think that counts. So, that’s why when we found out that Babe’s was closing, we were supremely disappointed. We looked something like this:

We will miss the tall shock tops. We will miss the grilled cheeses and french fries with extra old bay on the side. We will miss the random sports paraphernalia that doesn’t make any sense, but always favors DC teams.

We will miss the free “oops-I-messed-up-this-drink-for-another-customer-so-you-can-have-it-because-it-still-tastes-awesome” drinks!

We will miss the $5 for the jukebox to put on awesome tunes that no one else would ever request. What up, Footloose?!

We will miss you, Babe’s Sports Bar. Thanks for being the only place to ever make us feel regular. And to whom it may concern over at the new Fajitaritaville (or whatever it’s called that’s taking Babe’s place), may your queso be bountiful and your Shock Tops be $3 at Happy Hour. See you in a week!

Have you ever been a regular somewhere?

Girls’ Weekend / Weigh-In #3

Whoo! What a weekend! I feel like I’ve spent every single weekend in February traveling (because I have!) to Virginia. This weekend was no exception as I traveled down to my old stomping grounds in Lynchburg. Since my parents moved to Maryland in November, it’s been hard to find a time to get down there to visit my best girl friends. But we made plans for this weekend months in advance and finally followed through!

(This is a picture from Sierra’s wedding last year since we didn’t get any group shots this time around. FAIL!)

I absolutely love hanging out with these girls. As much as I hated high school (and I hated it with every fiber of my being), I feel amazingly blessed to have gotten the chance to meet Katie, Sierra, and Megan there. It’s funny because we all were very similar in high school and now we are all so dramatically different. Megan and Sierra are both married and homeowners, Katie is living in Lynchburg tentatively while she job hunts in the Virginia Beach area, and I am living my “crazy” (at least they think it’s crazy) life in DC. We only get to see each other every few months, but when we do, we pick up right where we left off. We just laugh and laugh and laugh for hours on end! They really are three amazing women.

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff. My weekend started out like every DC resident’s does on a typical Friday night: sitting in traffic.

Once I finally got to Lynchburg (5 hours later!), Megan and I spent the night eating puppy chow/trash/the best snack ever/whatever you want to call it while catching up and reminiscing about stupid stuff we did in high school. For example:

Sorry girls, I had to.

My host was awesome and let me sleep in the guest bedroom with the memory foam bed. I think I need to get one of those!

The next morning Megan and I tried Zumba.

Megan decided that I didn’t really need to watch the instructional video and just threw me right into the trenches. It’s been decided that I am just about the most uncoordinated person on the face of the planet. I think I missed half the work out because I was too busy asking “what the heck are they doing?”. I kind of regret not taking any videos of the hilariousness…but on the plus side, I totally did break a sweat!

After Zuuuumba, we met up with Katie and Sierra and headed across town for some bagels. Om nom nom!

Mine is bacon, egg, and cheese on an Asiago Cheese Bagel. Can’t really go wrong with so much cheese. It was delicious!

Then, we headed over to Sierra’s abode to play board games.

The best part about playing games like this with a group of friends who you have known forever is that you have so many inside jokes to reference. The best laugh came at the expense of “katiebdaysong”, which is a musical ditty that Megan, Sierra, and I penned for Katie’s 20th birthday. We rediscovered this gem over the weekend and realized that it wasn’t quite the lyrical or music genius that we thought it had been 5 years ago. When the card “Things that warrant an apology” came up and Katie wrote “The katiebdaysong”, I just about lost it!

Sierra’s dog Chloe stopped by to say hi multiple times. Isn’t she cute?

After games we made a fajita dinner (which isn’t pictured because I was too busy scarfing it down) and then headed outside for a bonfire and S’MORES!!

We always have so much fun when we’re together. My abs sure did get a great workout from all the laughing we did on Saturday! I was in a pretty crummy mood last week, but I feel so much better after spending the weekend away from the city. Sometimes you just need a weekend with your oldest friends to remind you of what’s actually important in life.

Despite the busy weekend, I did have time to do my weigh-in yesterday when I got home. I’m happy to report that my hard work is finally paying off! Thank you all for your words of encouragement after the last, frustrating, weigh-in. I didn’t give up and I’ve lost another 2.4 lbs! I’ve been trying to lose 1-1.5 lbs per week, so this hits my goal right on the mark. I’m pretty happy!

Starting weight: 175.0
Current weight: 
Loss this week: -2.4
Total loss: -8.2

Today is Presidents’ Day and I am super thankful that Discovery gives us the day off. I’m spending the day catching up on sleep, running, shopping for groceries, and finishing (hopefully) the final book of the Hunger Games series. Happy Presidents’ Day!

Valentine’s Day

I’ve been thinking lately…Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap.


This may come as a surprise, but I actually like the holiday. I don’t understand people who complain about the consumerism of it or people who throw anti-Valentine’s Day parties. To me, it’s a day to celebrate love. What’s not to like about love? While I agree that people who love each other should show it every day (and not just on Valentine’s Day), I enjoy having a whole day to acknowledge love’s presence. Why not celebrate the good things in life, right? Plus any holiday that promotes chocolate consumption is fine by me!

Love is such a driving force behind all of our actions. Think about it, when’s the last time you made a big decision without taking at least one other person into account? I can’t think of a time.

Although I have spent the majority of my Valentine’s Days sans significant others, I think it’s important to focus on all the different kinds of love out there. There are a lot. Romantic isn’t the only type of love that should be celebrated today and I think that people who focus too much on this are the ones who miss out on the true spirit of the holiday.

There is family love.

There is friend love.

There is roommate love.

There is co-worker love.

There is hometown love.

There is puppy love (and if you don’t think this picture is adorable, I don’t think that we can be friends!)


There’s cake love (serious on this, I LOVE chocolate).

There’s Bieber love (sorry, I had to. Just kidding with this one…sort of).

And, of course, there is still romantic love.

This is a picture of the cutest couple I know: my parents. They are my role models in life and give me faith that marriages can work. Their love gives me hope that people can still be happy even after years and years. I hope to one day have what they have now. I love them both very much! And seriously, aren’t they cute?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tell someone you love them today. 🙂

A Case of the Randoms

Sorry for the less than cheery post on Monday. I’ve been in kind of a mood this week and that weigh-in certainly didn’t help. However, I appreciate the comments and messages and I am continuing this week with renewed vigor!

On to today: I just can’t keep focused on one thing longer than about 15 minutes. I think it’s because the weather outside looks like this.

Yep, it’s supposed to snow! Anyway, sometimes on days like this when I start to think it’s a snow day like we used to get at school, I get acute cases of ADD and nothing can keep my attention. Seriously, I’ve been a link-clicking fiend this afternoon as I jump from site to site. Every time I hit something new, it seems to be the most novel thing in the world…for about 15 minutes. I’ve been fully ruptured today about 8 times (okay, I like to exaggerate), so I thought I’d share some of my findings!

Most Hilarious YouTube Video in the Wooooorld

Most Hilarious Comic Evaaaaa

Read it: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/valentines_day

Most Fun Game I’ve Ever Played in My Lifeeeee

Play it: http://color.method.ac/

Best Song I’ve Ever Heardddd

Proof that Justin Bieber is a Lyrical Genius

Tech Nerds Unite: New Favorite Work Tool


New Favorite Way to Solve Conflict

Okay, I’m well-aware of the ridiculous nature of this post, but it matches my mood for the day. So just roll with it!

Well, I’m off to eat one of these for lunch (which may not be great for my diet, but is great for my soul):


Procrastinators, unite! Happy Wednesday!

Is anyone else as into random internet findings as I am? Feel free to share your favorite links!

When Things Don’t Work Out [Weigh-In #2]

I’m an overly optimistic person. I believe in this crazy notion that everything will be alright and that things will always work themselves out in the end.

For the most part in my life, they have. I’ve moved across the country…twice, but became more well-rounded. I’ve failed tests, but learned from my mistakes. I’ve gotten rejected from jobs I’ve wanted, but kept pushing on. I’ve had my heart broken, but came out stronger on the other end.

For example, back in 2009, despite the fruitful advice from my family and friends, I decided to venture a 4 hour drive home during projected blizzard conditions (one of my finer moments in life). I got stranded in my car, in a blizzard, on a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, without food or water. Luckily, I had a full tank of gas so I could leave my car on to keep warm. Regardless, I was in a desperate situation considering I couldn’t drive anywhere and most of the cars along the side of the road were abandoned with snow rapidly accumulating. I wasn’t sure how long the snow would last, or how long I was going to be trapped in that car. I could have easily flipped out (like my mom was doing) and been in a mad panic. Instead, I was completely calm, I might even use the word relaxed. I spent the night googling blizzard survival tips (ie. how build a snow cave and if it was safe to eat my own arm off) on my newly acquired iPhone and waited for help to come.

This is an actual picture from the beginning of that night. Check out those snowflakes!

After 18 hours of being stranded, my dad and brother finally made it to me in an 4-wheel drive SUV borrowed from a family friend. It was one of the best moments of my life when I heard the horn honking and I saw the lights flashing as they rounded the corner to where I was. I don’t think my dad has ever hugged me so hard in my life.

I suppose the moral of that story is that I never gave up faith that things would work out in the end. Which is how I approach most situations in my life. I’ve always been able to maintain my cool even when the situation seems impossible. I am a strong person and extremely strong willed (is stubborn the word I should use here?). When I believe in something with every fiber of my being, I will do everything I can to make it work.

But sometimes it’s just not enough.

I surprised myself today when my bi-monthly weigh-in sent me into a tizzy. 169.2. A total loss of 0.0 pounds. After last week’s monumental (almost) 6 lb loss, this really disappointed me. I ran every single day last week, ate pretty regularly this weekend…I didn’t even over-indulge during the Super Bowl yesterday. As you can imagine, I was really, really, really discouraged.

Starting weight: 175.0
Current weight: 
Loss this week: 0
Total loss: -5.8

It’s like you can do all the right things and sometimes it still just don’t work out.

So, I suppose that’s where I’m am [mentally] right at this moment. I’m frustrated. I knew this journey wouldn’t be easy and I knew I would have weigh-ins like this one. I just didn’t expect it to be so early and after 2 weeks of solid exercise and dieting. In true Cait-like form, I will push on. This is something I believe in, something I know I can do. I will make this work. I will do better.

I will be stronger because of it.

</over-arching life metaphor>

Have you ever felt like you were in a hopeless situation? How did you overcome it?