Babe’s: A Eulogy

You may not know this about me, but I’m a regular at a bar. Think: How I Met Your Mother, but instead of living right above it, I work right across from it.


But let’s be honest here, it’s the same concept. My bartender, Jeremy, knows exactly what I like to drink (Shock Top, please!) and pours a cold one for me before I even walk in the door! He once told me that should I want to come after work, that all I needed to do was give him a ring ahead and he would have a tall beer waiting for me when I arrived. I mean, seriously, how awesome is that?

My relationship with Babe’s wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. The first few months were very rocky as they sorted out the situation between the bar and the wait staff. But that’s when they hired Jeremy, the best bartender ever. Immediately, he made us feel at home and started to take care of us. For months, Mike(y) and I have been frequenting Babe’s for a Shock Top (or two) and their world famous (to us) grilled cheese! We would leave very happy customers, looking something like this:

I’ve never been a regular anywhere until now…besides a small stint in college where the waitress at Little Italy (a local pizza place) would recognize me whenever I went in there. When I graduated and went back, she asked where I had been hiding. But I don’t think that counts. So, that’s why when we found out that Babe’s was closing, we were supremely disappointed. We looked something like this:

We will miss the tall shock tops. We will miss the grilled cheeses and french fries with extra old bay on the side. We will miss the random sports paraphernalia that doesn’t make any sense, but always favors DC teams.

We will miss the free “oops-I-messed-up-this-drink-for-another-customer-so-you-can-have-it-because-it-still-tastes-awesome” drinks!

We will miss the $5 for the jukebox to put on awesome tunes that no one else would ever request. What up, Footloose?!

We will miss you, Babe’s Sports Bar. Thanks for being the only place to ever make us feel regular. And to whom it may concern over at the new Fajitaritaville (or whatever it’s called that’s taking Babe’s place), may your queso be bountiful and your Shock Tops be $3 at Happy Hour. See you in a week!

Have you ever been a regular somewhere?

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  1. Nate and I were regulars at this hole-in-the-wall cash-only Pho place in college. We would go there once, twice, three times a week for our favorite Vietnamese soup and egg rolls. You can’t beat a $15 meal for two! We will all miss Babe’s, but at least there’s still Quarry House!

  2. I was a regular at a bar in college, Yogi’s. We were there probably 4-5 times a week playing pool, drinking (a lot) and eating their mini corn dogs. All the bartenders and waitresses ended up becoming our friends and would hang out with us there even on their nights off.

    That ended when everyone graduated and went their separate ways and even though I live 5 minutes away, I haven’t been to Yogi’s in probably 5 years. That part of my life is over. But now, I really, really want some mini corn dogs. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh. Mini corn dogs = om nom nom! Now I want some too.

      I wonder if you were to go back to the bar now if you would feel the same way about it now. Probably not. It’s pretty crazy how much people and places change.

  3. Second semester of senior year, my roomie and I were Thursday night regulars at Bourbon Street. We had our Thursday night crew and we were friends with the bartender. I miss that place!

    • Oh man. I think I only ever went there once or twice. I wish I had frequented the JMU bar scene more often (but I was too cheap haha). It always looked like such a good time!

      • Bourbon Street was the place to be on Thursdays if you wanted to just let loose and dance! I didn’t really do downtown that often because I was cheap and cuz it was just more fun to have people over, which we did alllll the time! Also one of my roomies was a youngin so it took forever for her to turn 21!

  4. I just moved to a new city and have already become a regular at this Deli that’s a 5-10 min walk from my house. soooo good!

    • That sounds awesome! I always wanted to be a regular at a deli or coffee shop where I could just go in and say “the usual” and they would know what I was talking about.


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