We all have “-ism’s”, as I like to call them. Those things about you that make you, you! I consider myself to be a quirky person. I’m not talking about the Zoey Deschanel kind of quirky, but more in the literal sense of the word: my personality has a lot of quirks in the form of weird habits, thoughts, and views on things. I like to call them Caitisms.

I try to let my personality shine through in most of my posts, but sometimes when talking about food, running, and whatnot, it can be difficult to show that. So, I figured what better way for you guys to get to know a bit more about me than to just list out random Caitisms.

25 Things You [Probably] Don’t Know About Me

1) I’ve woken up every single day this week with “Rack City” in my head. It’s a weird song to have stuck in your head first thing in the morning, but at the same time it kind of gets me amped up.

2) I generally hate talking on the phone. I find it to be SUPER awkward, just because you can’t see the person and their facial cues. I enjoy text messages though, which seems sort of backwards even to me.

3) I have a really, really good memory of faces, places, and events. If I meet you once, I will likely remember your name. I can also remember specifics of mostly any conversation I’ve had.

4) Crafting makes me happy. Sometimes I go a little overboard when someone approaches me about a possible craft project. For instance, I made this cool t-shirt for this weekend, so excited!

5) I’m a romantic, but I’m also a realist.

6) It makes me uncomfortable when someone I don’t know sits next to me in a movie theater, regardless of whether or not it’s crowded.

7) I hated high school with ever fiber of my being. It was the worst 4 years of my life and I’m so happy to be past that stage. Yet somehow, I managed to walk away with friends who I still see today!

8) I just discovered that I like oatmeal! As long as it has a big scoop of peanut butter in it.

9) I have lived in 4 different states: Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, and Maryland.

10) I genuinely like being a “real adult”, having a regular schedule, and regular working hours. I like my job and the company I work with, which I think is a big factor.

11) At the same time, I miss college. I ❤ JMU!

12) I am not typically attracted to men with super dark features (tall, dark, and handsome?). I think they look too similar to me!

13) Sometimes, I forget that I bought a particular clothing item and then find it in my closet months (or years!) later. It’s like shopping at home! That happened with the pants I’m wearing today:

14) I drink a TON of water. Probably 8-10 big cups (the picture below) a day. Still, I’m always dehydrated…

15) 3 years ago I thought running a half marathon was my greatest accomplishment in life. Now, I’ve run 2 full marathons and I’m relatively certain that even those aren’t my biggest accomplishments.

16) <— This is my lucky number!

17) I really like the band Fun. but I won’t tell anyone because I’m worried that’ll make me look like a hipster.


18) My favorite forms of humor are sarcasm and puns.

19) My co-workers call me Caitness and I like it because it sounds like Katniss (from the Hunger Games) and I secretly wish I was her!


20) I talk about my family too much. I’ve always wondered if that’s annoying? I can’t help it, they’re the coolest people I know.

21) My 21st birthday was on Thanksgiving. I spent it in Vegas!

22) I don’t feel heat in my mouth.  Seriously, I don’t feel it. I will drink an entire scalding hot coffee before you can take your first sip.

23) If I could, I’d eat FroYo everyday. I exclusively go for the chocolate flavors.

24) I’ve seen John Mayer 5 times in concert and I’m dying to go to another show. He’s so talented and my favorite live musician!

25) I have a double jointed thumb. See:

What are some of your -isms?