Sweet Life!

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for baring with me through that last post. I always get super nervous when I post about a serious topic, but your comments and kind words, once again, proved that I did the right thing by posting. I’m trying to keep my blog as honest as possible, and while most of the time life is all rainbows and butterflies, it isn’t always. So, thank you!

Enough of that.

After a long, internal battle about what to do this weekend I made a split second decision to stay in Maryland and attend the Sweet Life Festival. Holy cow, what a day it was!

The Sweet Life Festival is an all-day event sponsored by Sweetgreen (a super popular FroYo place around here) where they bring in local food vendors and have multiple stages with bands playing alllllllll day.

I’ve been to Merriweather before (a few times) and nearly every time I come, I get soaked due to torrential downpour (hence the irony of the name). Of course, the forecast for Saturday was calling for much of the same. That didn’t deter us. We packed up our ponchos, I grabbed some Clever Wraps for my iPhone, and we headed out bracing for the worst. We got to the pavilion a little after 11 (doors opened at 12) for a bit of a parking lot pre-game.

My deciding factor in attending the festival was that one of my favorite bands was playing: Fun. They went onstage at 12:30, which was super early. I’m assuming they had them as the first act in an attempt to draw the crowds in early. It worked on me! But, I was actually surprised at how empty it was for their set. I later found out that the shuttles that they were advertising to bring people into the venue were 3 hours late (ouch), which was the main reason that people weren’t there.

Fun. was AWESOME though. We got to jam out down on the floor for their entire set! They were super high energy and the lead singer’s voice sounds just as great live as it does on the album.

Excuse my singing.

Next up was A$AP Rocky. They were a rap group I had never heard of. We weren’t that impressed, so we decided to go check out food and drinks halfway through their set. The food was located in the “Food Forest” which was a separate portion of the venue. They had their own secondary stage with local/lesser known bands playing all day. It was a really chill atmosphere.

We opted for some burgers from Shake Shack and margaritas. Holy nom nom!

After that we decided to recover from our food comas by hanging out on the lawn.

Sarah and Colin opted for nap time. Old farts.

Speaking of being old. There were times were I really did feel like the oldest person there. While we were chillin’ on the lawn, there were swarms of high school and college kids. Colin made the observation that he felt like a “creeper”, I’m assuming because there were far too many young girls in the area. I don’t remember being able to go to events like this unaccompanied by adults when I was in high school. Either I was super sheltered, or times have achanged. Not only that, but there were some super-hipsters there. Don’t worry, I fit right in.

Once Fitz and the Tantrum started, we decided to head back down to the floor. I had never heard of them before, but they really rocked it! I’ve got to see if I can find more of their music on Spotify.

After Fitz was another band I had never heard of: Explosions in the Sky. Sarah is a big fan of theirs, so we braved the floor for their set as well. They were alright, but a little too chill for my taste. It was awkward because people were crowd surfing, which seemed out of place. Plus, I kept getting kicked in the head…which wasn’t annoying at all.

After Explosions in the Sky was The Shins. Around this time, I started to get super tired. We headed off the floor, found some beer, and a few seats a little higher up in the venue. It also started to rain around this time, so there was a mad rush of people from the lawn trying to stay dry. Pwnd. I like The Shins, but I’ve got to admit, I didn’t pay very close attention to their set. I don’t remember many details except that the place started filling up and my stomach started hurting.

Once The Shins were done it was time for Kid Cudi. Or so we thought. Cudi was about 45 minutes late getting onto the stage. My tiredness escalated during the long wait. We thought about leaving, but Colin was really excited to see him so we stuck it out. He started just in time, because I was seriously about to punch someone in the face. We found our way back onto the floor and I’ve got to say, I’m glad we stayed because I really had fun (not to be confused with Fun.). He is really awesome live and the crowd was SO into it.

We were too!

Once Cudi was done, we knew there was only act left. Avicii, who was the headliner. Since we were already on the floor, we figured we might as well get our money’s worth and stay for it. Somehow (seriously, don’t ask me how, I blame Colin), we found ourselves crammed up against 400 of our closest friends in the 3rd row. I’ve got to say, it was a PRETTY epic rave.

My entire body hurt afterward. Like, literally, every part. I think I might still be recovering today. I really am getting too old for this shit. Worth it.

You may have noticed, 95% of these photos were taken with Instagram. The festival was promoting the use of Instagram and Twitter hardcore. I’ve never been to a concert where they promoted photo technology like that, so I thought it was a cool concept. I would have gone even crazier with it, but once the venue filled up my AT&T service was shotty, at best. Typical.

What do you think of artists/festivals self-promoting through social media? Does it work or not?

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