My Weekend Instagramed

I’m totally into Instagram right now. It’s just a mild addiction, but I think it’s artsy and fun. Here is what my weekend looked like through the lens of Instagram.

Thanks, Instagram! You make everything I do look WAY cooler. You can follow me @caitoness. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Fast Friday Update

I’ve been neglecting my little piece of the internet this week, which is very uncharacteristic. I just haven’t had much to write about.

So here are a few things that have been going on this week.

I bought a Garmin Forerunner 410


Remember how the other week I was inquiring about race watches? Well, the very next day there was a Groupon deal for $100 off the Garmin Forerunner 410. I took it as a sign and bought it on impulse. It should be here within the next few days; I am ridiculously excited to try out my new toy.

I signed up for another half marathon


I’m running the Rock ‘n Roll in VA Beach for the third time this September. This race is fun, although it can get a little crowded on the course. The only reason I’m really signing up is because Train is the headliner this year for the concert. I ❤ their music!

RunDisney unveiled the new marathon course for the 20th Anniversary Disney World Marathon

Words cannot express how excited I am about this course. I loved running the marathon in 2011, although, admittedly the course got slightly boring because you spend a lot of time running between the parks on back roads. Disney does a great job filling the lulls with entertainment, but it seems like this new course has even more attraction time! I did slightly groan at the idea of running around a race track (they are on a slight sideways incline which can be painful on your legs), I am dying to know what the surprise at mile 20 is! I really want to try to do the Goofy Challenge this year (ie. run the half on Saturday and the full on Sunday). No, I’m not a crazy runner, not at all.

I booked a BEACH trip!!

Finally taking my first vacation days of the year…I can’t believe it took me until June! I’m heading down to (hopefully) sunny South Carolina in a few weeks. I’m so ready for the beach, beer, mini golf, food, and relaxation time.  Myrtle Beach, here I come!

My heel is giving me problems


This isn’t as positive as everything else on the list, but my heel has been acting up this week. Every time I run, I have sharp pains in my heel and sometimes they last for an entire day after. I’ve taken it easy with the running this week, but it still hasn’t gone away. My brother (in PT school, so I trust him) says it looks like early signs of plantar fasciitis. I sure hope not because that will put a serious damper on #1-3 on this list!

Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the past, present, and future mom’s out there. Your job is not an easy one, that’s for sure.

And an especially happy mother’s day to my awesome mom, Cindy. It takes a woman with some serious patience to put up with me and my siblings, and for that, we thank you! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. People always say, “you turn into your mother when you grow up”, and I sure hope I do…perhaps without the jewelry addiction.


Today I am spending the day with family. We will celebrate tonight by eating smoked chicken and ribs, and drinking homebrew beer. I can’t complain.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Things I’m Digging: May Edition

May is one of those perfect months. The April showers are over and it’s so, so close to summer! Although, lately around here, it feels like summer has already arrived.

Here is what I’m diggin’ this month:

Livingsocial Deals

I’ve been looking into buying tickets for this USA vs Brazil game (that is basically being played in my backyard) for months. I had sort of ruled out going/forgot about it, until I saw this little bugger in my inbox. It reignited my desire to go, so I bit the bullet and bought some tickets. I’m SUPERRRRR excited and glad I bought them. I heard that both USA and Brazil are playing their A-teams, so it should be an excellent match. Hopefully we don’t get blown out of the water. Either way, it’ll still be fun to watch!

Weight Lifting

OMFG. I cannot get enough. No, but really, I’m obsessed with weight lifting…again. Is it weird that I actually look forward to coming home and going to my crappy, little apartment gym to pump some iron? Yes? Oh well! I love the way it makes me feel. I’ve noticed some small changes lately, for example: carrying my computer bag into my house with one hand is much easier; I carried a case of 24 full beer bottles without struggle; and I generally have much more energy. I’ve also started to notice some muscle definition in my arms and legs. Added bonus!

Mad Men


This show. So good. Can’t stop watching. I just finished Season 2 and I am hooked! At first, it really bothered me how slow the story lines moved. Now, after watching a few seasons, I appreciate the depth and attention to detail that goes into every scene. The slowness of the show makes it all that much more believable. No one has epiphanies overnight, typically people change gradually over time. The writing is spectacular and the acting is great too. I love how it simultaneously pays homage to, and pokes fun at, certain old-fashioned beliefs…so clever.

The Beach

Because it’s almost summer and I need a tan, duh.

Spending Time with Friends

My bestest friend in the whole wide world is leaving me. Sarah is moving all the way across the country to San Francisco at the end of this month. While I am eternally sad (I mean, seriously, what am I going to do without my partner in crime?), I am thoroughly enjoying all the time we get to spend together while she is still in DC. Music festivals, movies, food, Disney movie + fondue night! Man, I’m going to miss her. DON’T GO SARAH!

What are you diggin’?

Time Yourself

For the past few weeks, I’ve been debating back and forth about whether or not to invest in a Garmin (or other brand, doesn’t matter) running watch. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I’m still at a stalemate, so I thought I’d see what you guys think.

I’ve never been one of those runners who cares much about time. I’ve always been a pretty average/moderately fast runner, but I never worked hard at making myself quicker. I always ran just to…run. Recently though, I’ve had dreams of increasing my speed. It all started a few weeks ago when I PRed at the Shamrock Half Marathon. I liked setting a goal (albeit a very loose goal, but still a goal nonetheless) and achieving it. I realize that if I do interval training and apply myself, I can (hopefully) make myself faster. My marathon times have been pretty mediocre thus far: close to 5 hours for both, and I’d like to improve GREATLY upon that time for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. If I can run a 1:55 half, I’m thinking that I should be able to run a 4:30 marathon. Easier said than done, of course. It’s going to take some tough interval training and I will have to start paying attention to time during long runs. Which is why I’m thinking about buying a Garmin watch.


Pros of buying a Garmin:

  • Can finally time myself and figure out what my average pace is/should be.
  • Improve on my speed for the marathon.
  • Be more accurate in my distances. Right now I use google maps, and perhaps this isn’t the best judge of running distance.
  • With that, I can try some new running trails since I won’t have to map them out beforehand. This would be great in marathon training since I tend to get bored of the one I do everyday.
  • Be more of a “real” runner. Don’t all the real runners have these things?

Cons of buying a Garmin:

  • It’s expensive! Ahhhhh!!!
  • Will I become one of those people who is constantly looking at my wrist during races? And the anxiety that comes with that.
  • Clunky, extra weight.
  • Waiting for satellites, I’ve heard fun stories about this.
  • Will it take the fun out of running?

The big con that I’m worried about is that last one on the list. Will it take the fun out of my favorite sport? Thoughts? Should I get the watch or not?

I’ve got some time to figure out if this is a smart investment for me. No better place to contemplate such things than here, which may or may not have happened this weekend:

Happy (belated) Cinco de Mayo!