Things I’m Digging: May Edition

May is one of those perfect months. The April showers are over and it’s so, so close to summer! Although, lately around here, it feels like summer has already arrived.

Here is what I’m diggin’ this month:

Livingsocial Deals

I’ve been looking into buying tickets for this USA vs Brazil game (that is basically being played in my backyard) for months. I had sort of ruled out going/forgot about it, until I saw this little bugger in my inbox. It reignited my desire to go, so I bit the bullet and bought some tickets. I’m SUPERRRRR excited and glad I bought them. I heard that both USA and Brazil are playing their A-teams, so it should be an excellent match. Hopefully we don’t get blown out of the water. Either way, it’ll still be fun to watch!

Weight Lifting

OMFG. I cannot get enough. No, but really, I’m obsessed with weight lifting…again. Is it weird that I actually look forward to coming home and going to my crappy, little apartment gym to pump some iron? Yes? Oh well! I love the way it makes me feel. I’ve noticed some small changes lately, for example: carrying my computer bag into my house with one hand is much easier; I carried a case of 24 full beer bottles without struggle; and I generally have much more energy. I’ve also started to notice some muscle definition in my arms and legs. Added bonus!

Mad Men


This show. So good. Can’t stop watching. I just finished Season 2 and I am hooked! At first, it really bothered me how slow the story lines moved. Now, after watching a few seasons, I appreciate the depth and attention to detail that goes into every scene. The slowness of the show makes it all that much more believable. No one has epiphanies overnight, typically people change gradually over time. The writing is spectacular and the acting is great too. I love how it¬†simultaneously pays homage to, and pokes fun at, certain old-fashioned beliefs…so clever.

The Beach

Because it’s almost summer and I need a tan, duh.

Spending Time with Friends

My bestest friend in the whole wide world is leaving me. Sarah is moving all the way across the country to San Francisco at the end of this month. While I am eternally sad (I mean, seriously, what am I going to do without my partner in crime?), I am thoroughly enjoying all the time we get to spend together while she is still in DC. Music festivals, movies, food, Disney movie + fondue night! Man, I’m going to miss her. DON’T GO SARAH!

What are you diggin’?

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  1. Aaron

     /  May 11, 2012

    I . Absolutely. Love. Mad Men. When I discovered it I spent every minute at home watching all the episodes on Netflix. The new season just started on AMC and I am DVRing every episode. I couldn’t agree more with how you summed it up, especially attention to detail. I read about how they try to use only accurate period-era props, from desk lamps and type writers to cars. They are using one kinf of type writer that wouldn’t have come out until 1970ish, but I would guess that most viewers that don’t have type writer fetishes probably aren’t aware of that…


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