Lindsey’s Bachelorette Weekend

Whoa, what a weekend!! I know I’ve mentioned a few times that my good friends Marcus and Lindsey are getting married soon and that I have the honor of being a bridesmaid in their wedding. This past weekend all of the girls got together for a bachelorette weekend in Richmond. While I can’t share all the juicy details (what happens at a bachelorette party, stays at a bachelorette party), crazy times were had!

We all met up in Richmond on Friday night where our gracious host, Abby, had wine and movies waiting for us. We spent a few hours chatting before heading to bed. It was decided that we needed to rest up for the next day!

Say hello to Abby’s cute puppy: Coal!

On Saturday, we got a slow start to the day, ate breakfast, and headed to the mall to run a few wedding errands. Once we got back, we got the party started with some classy champagne.

From there it all went downhill. We went a little overboard with all the bachelorette party favors, but my two favorite, by far, were the TEAM BRIDE bands and the glow-in-the-dark…penis straws. Because no party is complete without penis straws, right? It was confirmed that this was this first ever bachelorette party that any of us had attended, so we knew we had to go all out!

The ridiculous spread.

This is why we’re friends.

After some fun at the house, we made our way downtown to Cary Street. We had dinner at Weezie’s Kitchen  (not to be confused with the rapper) and then headed out for the night. This is also where I stopped taking pictures and relied solely on Abby’s camera to document the fun. However, I think some things are better left unseen. 😉 Especially some things involving a bride-to-be and a polar bear. Enough said!

I had a fantastic weekend with a wonderful group of girls! I’m so honored that I get to be part of all this and I can’t wait to celebrate in just 2 short weeks at the wedding!

Have you ever been a part of a bachelor/bachelorette party?

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