Erin’s Baby Shower

My older sister, Erin, is pregnant with her first child and if you missed the announcement, IT’S A BOY! This weekend, my family threw a baby shower in her honor up where my grandma lives in Pennsylvania. It was absolutely wonderful to see my extended family (whom I don’t see nearly enough) and to celebrate the mama-to-be!

I overcompensated on my lack of photography last weekend and took waaay too many photos this weekend. So, here is Erin’s baby shower…in photos.

The spread

Aren’t these plates so cute?

Balloons my mom picked out


I couldn’t resist…

Flowers! Kinda washed out the pic šŸ˜¦

My sister requested that everyone bring a book with a personalized message to the baby. This basket was full by the end. What a great idea!

My sister’s favorite appetizer!

I’ve heard that having a baby is similar to running a marathon, so obviously, we had to carbo-load

Opening presents

Roscioli cousins and Grammy!

Fam and Grammy Ros

Erin and her friend from middle-school, Nikki (who is also pregnant with TWINS!!). I think Nikki said it best, “We’ve been through everything else together, so why not this too?!”

Mi padre and Pop Pop to be!

Stop takin’ my picture!

Excited daddy-to-be!

Grammy Troxell and her granddaughters!

Part of the big ol’ Troxell clan

Grammy and her kids (minus Uncle Mark!)

The shirt says it all šŸ™‚

This little guy is so spoiled already. I can’t wait to meet him and welcome him to our family soon!

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