A Very Merry…4th of July?

Obviously, I’m getting all of my holidays crossed. I wanted to wish everyone a “merry” 4th of July yesterday, I think I’m going to make that a thing. Regardless, happy birthday America!

Yesterday, since I had the day off from work, and they had the day off as well, I spent the day at my parent’s house. I know, I know, I spend a lot of time with my family. I started my 4th of July out right (at 7am! Ah!) with an 8-mile run around the neighborhood.

This is my first week of marathon training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I have a schedule that I’ve drawn out for myself and so far I’m sticking to it. I’ve already run 20 miles this week and let me tell you, my legs feel it! I probably should have been more consistent with my running for the past 2 months. Live and learn, right?

Anyway, after a ridiculously sweaty run, I took a breather while my dad made us pancakes for breakfast. I don’t even remember the last time I had a pancake, but they were SO good! I swear every single house on the block must have been cooking bacon at 7am when I started my run because I kept getting whiffs of the delicious scent. I think I finished my run that much faster just so that I could get home and request it. Will run for bacon! <– someone put that on a t-shirt for me, please.

After breakfast, I “assisted” my dad with changing my car’s oil. By “assisting”, I obviously mean that I played on my phone and handed him tools while he did all the dirty work. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Then, my dad got dinner in the smoker! He bought a smoker last year and we’ve been using it non-stop. He does smoked chicken, salmon, ribs, etc. But my favorite is the smoked brisket which is what we had last night. He spices it up with a marinade and then lets it sit in the smoker for hours and hours until it basically falls apart. Mmmmm, so good!

Once we got dinner started, there was more work to be done. Washing the cars! Once again, I “assisted”, meaning I was in charge of the hose and spraying the cars down while my dad did the tough scrubbing work. Washing cars is my least favorite chore of all time. My life is so hard. As my dad says, “At least we have the choice whether or not to do it. But, someone needs to do the work.” (he says this all the time) Thanks America!

The heat became too much for me to handle. So then this happened for a few hours:

They joined:

For the record, yes, that is a kiddie pool that we have on our deck. It’s huge and can easily fit 3 adults…probably even 4 if we tried! I highly recommend that every adult own a kiddie pool. Best. Idea. Ever.

Once I decided that I’d had enough of the sun, I went inside for a bit of mead tasting! My family has recently become obsessed with mead, which I definitely don’t mind. It’s a sweet honey-wine with a strong alcohol content. Trust me when I say that a small glass of this stuff packs a pretty strong punch!

After some delicious mead, dinner was finally ready! Smoked brisket, onion potatoes, and CORN ON THE COB (my favorite food EVER!…for right now).

For dessert, WATERMELON!

This was the juiciest slice of watermelon I’ve ever had. My mom bought a whole melon so I think my family will be eating the leftovers for like 3 days straight. I hope they like fruit!

The only thing missing from this holiday were the fireworks. I saw a few shows going on from the highway on my drive home, but most places around the area cancelled their shows due to the insane storms we’ve been having and the excessive heat that seriously just won’t go away. Heat is such a party pooper.

Happy 4th of July! Did you get to see any fireworks?

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  1. bekah w

     /  July 5, 2012

    that sounds like an amazing day! i’ve got a kiddie pool too, only 30 bucks from target and a bunch of my friends fit easily. good luck with the training, sounds like you’re off to a great start!

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