Myrtle Beach Vacation Pt. 1

Hello from super, sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!


The weather has been beautiful thus far. Hot, but not a cloud in the sky!

Rewind back to Friday, my family woke up at the crack of dawn (aka 5:30am) to pack up and start the 9 hour drive from Maryland to South Carolina.


Check out that sweet packing job.

The trip felt loooong. I got pretty bored, despite the fact that 90% of the time I was jamming out to 90’s pop music. My poor family.


Anyway, the drive was worth it because vacation has been AWESOME so far.


We’ve been lounging by the beach most of the day. The only time we really spend in the condo is the hour we go up for lunch.


At night we typically go out to eat.


And drink.


The motto of the week (somewhat ironically) is YOLO!

Last night we went to Carolina Roadhouse, which is a restaurant I discovered last time I was at the beach just a few months ago. We enjoyed some delicious margaritas (seriously, they are the best ever).


After dinner, we usually play mini golf.


Adam may have gotten a hole in one on this whole, but just ask him who the overall winner was. Hint: it was me!

Marathon training in vacation mode has proved to be somewhat interesting. But I packed my running shoes and have been able to do about 6 miles in the morning before the beaches get crowded. Beach running is tougher than regular running, mainly on the calves. And the fact that I sweat just about a gallon of water out of my body just by taking my first step.

Oh well, I’m pretty psyched it’s only Monday. I still have a whole week to work on my tan…which is coming along nicely, for the record.


Gotta go enjoy the sun!

What do you usually do on vacation?

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