About Cait

I like to live on the edge.


Except when it comes to food. All my life I’ve strictly eaten off the kids menu – chicken tenders and pizza are their own food groups in my world. A chocolate sundae sounds like a delightful afternoon snack. I’ve always been afraid to try the vast array of foods that are at my disposal. Soup? No, thank you. Seafood? Pass. And don’t even get me started on vegetables. My parents tried and tried to get me to expand my palette, but to no avail. Eventually, even they got frustrated and quit.

This all began to change recently. Taking a look within myself, I’ve realized that I have an unexplained, deep-seeded fear of food. I can understand being nervous to try deep fried caterpillar or something equally as bizarre; but rice – the most common food in the WORLD? – well, that’s just ridiculous. It’s time for a change.

For this reason I am starting my blog. New and excited to be joining the hype, Cait Strides is my first dabble into the world of blogging. I have literally never cooked a full meal for myself (frozen pizza doesn’t count, right?) and I am ready to start learning. It may start out rough and I will have to go at my own pace, but by the end of this journey I want to be able to cook healthy, thoughtful meals all by myself. And *gasp*, maybe I will even try a VEGETABLE!!

Some Fun Facts about Me:

  • I am a 20-something, single, professional woman and although most days I feel like I’m losing my mind, I am loving every minute of it. Finding a healthy balance between my career aspirations and social life has proven to be challenging. I am still learning and growing everyday.
  • I graduated from James Madison University in 2009 with a degree in Media Arts and every part of me bleeds purple!  My years at JMU had a huge influence on the person I am today.
    Sidenote: I absolutely love college football (Go JMU! Go Penn State!)
  • I have a slew of love/hate relationships in my life. The biggest being with running. I would definitely classify myself as “runner” seeing as my pile of finishers medals is already pretty massive and steadily growing. I ran my very first marathon in January, 2011 and have already signed up for more. Running across that finish line is a great feeling of accomplishment. But it’s true, I don’t always love the achy muscles.
  • I live for pizza, bacon, and chocolate. Seriously. If I could eat bacon with every meal, I absolutely would; and I never get tired of chocolate. A slice of pizza a day keeps the doctor away…wait, is that not the saying?
  • I hate the word “peeps” and believe that it should be banned from the dictionary.
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  1. Colin

     /  December 11, 2011

    I support caitstrides and I’d like a bummer sticker so I can let the world know.

  2. I love the origin of this blog and the name! Looking forward to following it!


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