Happy 1 Year!

…to my blog!

Yesterday, September 23rd, was the one year anniversary of the very first blog post on Cait Strides. I had the idea to start this blog as a way to keep me accountable for marathon training and [as a picky eater] trying new foods. It has turned into so much more than that and has truly been a pleasure to write nearly everyday. It’s been a pretty crazy year with so many up’s and down’s. Of course, it’s impossible for me to share every aspect of my life on this blog, but I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and share a few highlights from the past year:


The First Post – chronicling a bit about my life and how I became such a picky eater/my desire for change (Sept 2011)

Life of a runner – explaining my love-to-hate relationship with running (Sept 2011)

Hawaii Trip!! – when I went to visit a good friend who is living in Hawaii (Oct 2011)

Graduating from the kiddie menu – my first Chipotle experience (Oct 2011)

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Run For Your Lives post race report (Oct 2011)

Experimenting in the kitchen – first time making pizza dough (Nov 2011)

On Life, and Death – serious contemplation on life and what it means to fully live (Nov 2011)

Ran Philadelphia – marathon #2 in the books! (Nov 2011)

Truly becoming a Maryland-er – making the most delicious crab pizza (Dec 2011)

Discovering my inner hipster – I’m even too cool for this post (Dec 2011)

New Years Eve in NYC – easily one of the craziest nights of my life and one I won’t forget any time soon (Dec 2011/Jan 2012)

Weight – announcing my struggles with weight and committing to lose weight (Jan 2012) – for the record, I’m 15 lbs lighter! WOO!

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies – sometimes life is hard (Feb 2012)

Things I love – a different kind of Valentine’s Day (Feb 2012)

Shamrockin’ the races – Post race Shamrock Half and PR report (March 2012)

Monument Ave 10k – another race recap (March 2012)

Kristina’s visit! – my BFF from Washington came to visit for a weekend in DC, we had a blast (April 2012)

It’s a BOY!! – my sister and bro-in-law find out they’re having a boy! (April 2012)

Livin’ the Sweet Life – hanging out at the Sweet Life Festival (April 2012)

Memorial Day Weekend – Instagramming my entire life away (May 2012)

USA vs. Brazil Soccer game/vacation #1 to Myrtle Beach – kicking off summer the right way (June 2012)

Lindsey’s Bachelorette Party – girls just want to have fun (June 2012)

Erin’s baby shower – spending the weekend with my family celebrating my sister (July 2012)

4th of July – a low key 4th of July celebration at my parent’s house (July 2012)

Myrtle Beach Vacation #2 – Post 1, Post 2, Post 3 my family is crazy and I love them (July 2012)

Debating chicken and teal pants – in the same post, impressive! (August 2012)

Mumford & Sons and Kyle is born! – best weekend of summer, easily (August 2012)

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in VA Beach – Rock ‘n Roll VA Beach sweeeeaty post-race recap (Sept 2012)

Remembering 9/11 – never forget (Sept 2012)

Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to read and support Cait Strides. I have appreciated each and every one of your messages, comments, and feedback! Writing this blog has truly been a pleasure; I hope you enjoy reading my ridiculous quips as much as I enjoy writing them.

I’m looking forward to blogging another crazy year of my life: more races, running, cooking, new foods, and general fun with my favorite people. Get ready.

Thank you!

Marathon vs Social Life

Finding time to train for a marathon is tough. I don’t know about you, but I am by no means running at Olympic speeds here, so when I have an 18 mile run on my docket, I need to portion out a solid half-day to knock it out. All of my long runs tend to fall on weekends which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because I don’t have to worry about it interfering with work, but a curse in that most of my family and closest friends live out of town. Since I am traveling almost every weekend, finding time to fit in my long runs has proven to be challenging.

You read A LOT about my social life on here, because I love doing fun things. If I don’t have plans, I tend to go stir crazy! Yet, I still need to run if I want to make it through my 26.2 in October without keeling over. Finding a balance between fun and serious training is difficult, but necessary.

Here some tips that I have implemented to ensure that I’m still training even on weekends where I am busy having fun:

Get a GPS Watch

I debated buying a GPS watch for years and years. I am SO glad that I finally have. A GPS watch is absolutely necessary for anyone who loves to both run and travel. I can literally run in any city now! I love that this watch tells me how far I’ve gone since I have to hit certain mile markers for each of my long runs. For example, I recently used this watch while at the beach. It’s so refreshing to run on the beach in the morning before it burns off. All I had to do was turn on my watch, run until I hit half of my distance, then turn around and run back to my hotel. Perfect!

Pack Your Running Shoes

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s actually a really helpful tip. If I bring my running shoes with me, I am more likely to go for a run (instead of having that last cocktail) just because I went through the effort to pack them in the first place. I hate wasting space in my bag, so I better use them if I brought them. Simple, but effective!

Plan Ahead

I love to be spontaneous. Really, I do! But, training for a marathon makes that tough. Making last minute plans is something I’m willing to give up (until October) for my own sanity. These days, I need to have my days planned out far in advance to make sure I fit everything in. I generally try to not make plans to go out the night before a long run, drinking + no sleep + 16 miles on the schedule = not happening. I can’t do it all!

Fuel Correctly


Everyone always talks about how important it is to fuel your body correctly the night before a big race, but what about fueling correctly the night before a long run? It is just as important to eat the right foods during training as it is on the big day, so I try to be very careful to eat well(-ish) before all runs. Have you ever eaten a huge burger and fries the night before a 12 mile morning run? No? Well, take my word for it…that thing will sit in your stomach like a pound of bricks and you will NOT be comfortable. Avoid greasy, heavy foods and alcohol before long runs. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t Eat Back All Your Calories

In addition to my last point about fuel, it’s important to avoid eating back all the calories you just burned…PLUS some!. This is something I have always struggled with, and is a common issue for many marathon runners. The mentality becomes, “Well, I just ran 15 miles, so I can eat WHATEVER I WANT TODAY!” Not true. I love to go out to eat, especially when I’m traveling and visiting my friends in different cities. Running gives me an excuse to order the least healthy (but most delicious) thing on the menu. Try to resist!

Remember to Have FUN!

Don’t get so sucked into marathon training that you don’t have a social life at all. Go out with friends, travel, visit new places, try new foods, and enjoy life! When I’m visiting friends, I try to get them in on the action too. Even if they are only willing to run 3 miles with me, that’s better than nothing. It’s always more fun to run with friends than by yourself! And you know what, enjoy that occasional margarita and don’t feel bad about it. Chances are…you’ve earned it!

How do YOU balance fitness goals with your social life?

A Very Merry…4th of July?

Obviously, I’m getting all of my holidays crossed. I wanted to wish everyone a “merry” 4th of July yesterday, I think I’m going to make that a thing. Regardless, happy birthday America!

Yesterday, since I had the day off from work, and they had the day off as well, I spent the day at my parent’s house. I know, I know, I spend a lot of time with my family. I started my 4th of July out right (at 7am! Ah!) with an 8-mile run around the neighborhood.

This is my first week of marathon training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I have a schedule that I’ve drawn out for myself and so far I’m sticking to it. I’ve already run 20 miles this week and let me tell you, my legs feel it! I probably should have been more consistent with my running for the past 2 months. Live and learn, right?

Anyway, after a ridiculously sweaty run, I took a breather while my dad made us pancakes for breakfast. I don’t even remember the last time I had a pancake, but they were SO good! I swear every single house on the block must have been cooking bacon at 7am when I started my run because I kept getting whiffs of the delicious scent. I think I finished my run that much faster just so that I could get home and request it. Will run for bacon! <– someone put that on a t-shirt for me, please.

After breakfast, I “assisted” my dad with changing my car’s oil. By “assisting”, I obviously mean that I played on my phone and handed him tools while he did all the dirty work. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Then, my dad got dinner in the smoker! He bought a smoker last year and we’ve been using it non-stop. He does smoked chicken, salmon, ribs, etc. But my favorite is the smoked brisket which is what we had last night. He spices it up with a marinade and then lets it sit in the smoker for hours and hours until it basically falls apart. Mmmmm, so good!

Once we got dinner started, there was more work to be done. Washing the cars! Once again, I “assisted”, meaning I was in charge of the hose and spraying the cars down while my dad did the tough scrubbing work. Washing cars is my least favorite chore of all time. My life is so hard. As my dad says, “At least we have the choice whether or not to do it. But, someone needs to do the work.” (he says this all the time) Thanks America!

The heat became too much for me to handle. So then this happened for a few hours:

They joined:

For the record, yes, that is a kiddie pool that we have on our deck. It’s huge and can easily fit 3 adults…probably even 4 if we tried! I highly recommend that every adult own a kiddie pool. Best. Idea. Ever.

Once I decided that I’d had enough of the sun, I went inside for a bit of mead tasting! My family has recently become obsessed with mead, which I definitely don’t mind. It’s a sweet honey-wine with a strong alcohol content. Trust me when I say that a small glass of this stuff packs a pretty strong punch!

After some delicious mead, dinner was finally ready! Smoked brisket, onion potatoes, and CORN ON THE COB (my favorite food EVER!…for right now).

For dessert, WATERMELON!

This was the juiciest slice of watermelon I’ve ever had. My mom bought a whole melon so I think my family will be eating the leftovers for like 3 days straight. I hope they like fruit!

The only thing missing from this holiday were the fireworks. I saw a few shows going on from the highway on my drive home, but most places around the area cancelled their shows due to the insane storms we’ve been having and the excessive heat that seriously just won’t go away. Heat is such a party pooper.

Happy 4th of July! Did you get to see any fireworks?

Things I’m Digging: June Edition

June is almost over. Can you believe it? It’s officially summer and that makes me happy. Here are some other things that make me happy:


How cool is that cake topper? The coolest, right? Anyway, as you know, last weekend was Marcus and Lindsey’s wedding and it was a TOTAL blast! I hope to write a full post about it soon, but I’m still trying to round up some pictures. What I will say is that weddings are awesome. It’s refreshing to see two people love each other so unconditionally and without any reservation. Plus, the open bar, abundance of food, and ridiculous amount of dancing don’t hurt either. 😀 You should have seen us cutting a rug!



Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and just enjoy a moment instead of worrying about answering texts/taking a ton of pictures/missing phone calls. There’s been a few weekends recently where I’ve done exactly that. I have essentially forgotten about my cell phone and have tried to live more in the moment. As much as I love sharing my life on here via pictures, sometimes I’d rather see things through both eyes – not through one eye and a lens. I hope that’s okay because I’m totally digging it! (no worries though, I will still be taking PLENTY of photos!)


Let’s be real here, this probably doesn’t surprise anyone. But, I ordered the pork tenderloin this weekend at Lindsey and Marcus’ rehearsal dinner and to my surprise and DELIGHT, it was wrapped in bacon. Om nom nom! Now I have a hankering to try everything wrapped in bacon. Bacon wrapped chicken? Bacon wrapped steak? Bacon wrapped…chocolate sundae? I don’t know. Just give me more!


It’s been like 80 bazillion degrees with a 1000% humidity here in DC lately. I don’t handle heat very well, so water has been my new BFF. Drinking it, lounging in it, running through it…you name it, I love it. I’m anxious to see what the rest of the summer brings, it couldn’t possibly get any hotter!! (Famous last words?)



I know, WTF!!! Right? I, Cait, will admit that I have been eating 3-4 salads per week and….I’ve been enjoying it. *GASP* This is a huge step, people. Huge! Also, I’m not a big fan of dressing, but I love lettuce. I know, WTF again. Everything about me is so backwards.

What are you digging about summer?

USA vs Brazil + Myrtle Beach

Guess who just got back from a 4 day weekend? If you guessed me, then congratulations, you’re a winner! I took a bit of a technology hiatus this weekend while I was kickin’ it at Myrtle Beach and it was SO nice. I might have to do that more often, it was a much needed break!

But first, let’s rewind back to Wednesday for the USA vs Brazil soccer match. A few months ago I found a deal on Livingsocial for 50% off Club Level tickets. The deal was just too good to pass up, so I bought them! The only downfall was that game day was on a Wednesday night. Luckily, we crept our way around rush hour traffic somehow and ended up at FedEx field with enough time to have a solid tailgate.

My only complaint was that it didn’t last longer! 2 hours flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go in.

Livingsocial seriously hooked us up with these seats. The Club Level was a lot nicer/less crowded than other areas of the venue. The bathrooms were cleaner, there were lounge areas where you could sit in the air conditioning and watch the game (if you needed to), and you could see the whole field from our view without being too far into the nosebleeds. The game itself was not anything to write home about. The only shining moment came with the lone USA goal to make it a 2-1 game, but in the end Brazil ended up blowing us out of the water: 4-1. Oh well, the outcome was expected. It was still a fun event for a Wednesday night!

The next morning I woke up bright and early to prepare for a full day of driving down to Myrtle Beach. Luckily, I really only had to drive 2 hours by myself to Richmond where I met up with Jim. He drove the remainder of the way. I like being the passenger on long road trips!

Apparently when boredom strikes, my swag comes out in full force.

We stayed at the Schooner II Beach & Racquet Club in Myrtle Beach, which honestly, I would recommend to anyone looking for a place. The rooms were huuuuuuge. We got a one bedroom condo, but could have easily slept 6 since there were a pull out couch AND some rando bunk beds. Plus there was a full kitchen and a sweet balcony that overlooked the ocean.

Balcony View

Aside from Jim’s epic sunburn (which he forbid me to photograph, LAME), the trip was a relaxation success. One of the best parts about going on vacation is, of course, the free license to essentially eat whatever the hell you want. The first night we had pizza from Mellow Mushroom, which I had never been to (but upon further research, I’ve learned that there is one located in DC! Definitely going to have to hit that up soon) but is apparently pretty popular.

This was so good, but I could only eat half. I saved the rest for lunch leftovers for the rest of the week. YUM!

Unfortunately, due to my inadvertent technological hiatus, this was the only food snap shot I took all weekend. Bad, bad blogger! I know. However, other notable eats of the weekend included:

  • Crab dip from Joe’s Crab Shack
  • Coconut Crusted Shrimp also from Joe’s
  • Peanut Butter Cup ice cream from Kirk’s 1890 Ice Cream Parlor (good ice cream, but the place smelled funky)
  • Really good Caesar Salad from Carolina Roadhouse (it came with a croissant drizzled in honey? on the side, whoever thought of that deserves a high five)
  • Marinated Sirloin also from Carolina Roadhouse (marinated in fruit juices, soy sauce, garlic, and spices. You could really taste the fruit juices!!)
  • The best margarita EVER also from Carolina Roadhouse (can you tell I really liked this meal?)

For the record, besides the ice cream and margarita, I wouldn’t have touched these foods with a 10 foot pole before about 2 years ago. It was a pretty adventurous weekend!

To make up for my lack of foodie pictures. Here are some awesome ones of the beach!

So fun.

Anyway, now it’s Monday and that means it’s back to reality. I went for my first run in about 2 weeks today…yikes! It didn’t go so well, but I got to test out my new Garmin watch. So far, so good. It’s slightly confusing to figure out what all the buttons on the bezel do, but I think that’s because I haven’t read the manual yet. I’ll get to it. It’s time to start marathon training again. Also time to resume my diet. Someone has to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress in a few weeks. EEK!

What’s your favorite part about vacation? Food? Relaxing? Sightseeing? Something else?


I’ve seen some of my favorite bloggers do this series and I love it! So, I thought I’d test the waters.

Confession: I hate the smell of fresh cut grass


Please excuse me while I puke. Blaaaaaaah! So many people tell me that the smell of fresh cut grass is one of their favorite smells because it reminds them of the start of summer and barbecues and what not. You know what smell reminds ME of barbecues? Barbecue. NOT fresh cut grass. Whenever I’m running and I see someone mowing their lawn out in front of me, I brace for the worst. Not only will I get a nose full of that poignant smell, but I’m also deathly afraid that one of those big blades is going to swing right off the mower and chop my leg off. Irrational? Maybe. But still possible. Ugh, just stop mowing your lawn when I’m running. Get on that, people.

Confession: I’m addicted to sunglasses

But I take terrible care of them or lose every pair I own. That’s why I won’t buy anything over $20! Actually, I think the more expensive the sunglasses, the quicker I ruin them. I have a $3 pair from 4 years ago that are still in perfect condition, but my $20 pair is gone in 4 months tops. Imagine how quickly I’d lose a $300 pair. Exactly. Anyway, I just bought 3 new pairs for the summer and I’m hoping that at least one survives through August.

Confession: Race T-Shirts are always too short for me

See? This is the only picture I could find where I was even wearing one.

I’m starting to accumulate quite a collection of race t-shirts now, but confession: I don’t like most of them! 90% of my race t-shirts are way too short. Like they were made for people people who are 5’3″ rather than 5’8″ (which they probably were). Sorry I’m tall and have a long torso, help a girl out!

Confession: I LOOOOVE sweet potato chips

Categorize this under: Foods I never would have touched a few years ago. I love, love, love these chips as a not-too-too-terrible-for-you afternoon snack. Check out the ingredients list:

All things I can pronounce. Winning! I may or may not have had these for lunch today. And some cake. Go ahead, judge me!

Confession: I can’t stop listening to Jason Mraz’s new album – Love is a Four Letter Word


Do people still like this guy? I don’t know. Nor do I really care. And obviously he doesn’t care either since he’s looking like a dirty hippie lately.


I dig it and his new album is GREAT!! So you should probably go listen to it too.

What are your confessions?

Mid-Week Musings and a West Coast Visitor

Longest title ever, am I right?

Anyway, I woke up this morning and without even opening my eyes, I dressed for work. Satisfied with the outfit I was wearing, I looked in the mirror before leaving and realized I look like a TOTAL hipster. I’m starting to realize that in all my jest about hipsters, I might be actually turning into one myself. Shit. Someone hand me a guitar, right meow.

Don’t worry, I added a special hipster-esque filter to give it the full effect. Also, do you know how freaking hard it is to get a full body picture when you’re 5’8″ and have T-Rex arms? Not an easy task, my friends. Not an easy task!

Today is Thursday! That means that my best friend from Washington (State) is flying in today! Kristina and I have known each other since our middle school days back when I lived out on the West Coast. We bonded over a shared love of all things *NSYNC, soccer, and ice cream…but mostly just the *NSYNC thing.

We’ve been able to stay in touch over the past 10 (holy cow!) years and still get to see each other on occasion, for instance when I have a 7 hour layover in Seattle on my way to Hawaii! This will be Kristina’s first time visiting me in DC and I plan to show her all the sights! And by the sights, I mean, we’re going to nom on some burgers from Good Stuff Eatery, eat FroYo, and drink lots of margaritas. Sensing a theme here?

If we find time, we’re also going to hit up a DC United game. Why? 1) We both love soccer! and 2) they’re playing the Seattle Sounders!!! Kristina is a die-hard Sounders fan and I used to go to games before they were even an MLS team. I even bought this sweet jersey for the special occasion:


Random factoid about me: Although I’ve lived on the east coast most of my life, almost all of my sports team loyalties (except Penn State) lie on the west coast. Go Sounders! Go Seahawks! Go Mariners!

Do you have any weird sports-team loyalties?

The Cajun Experience

Remember when I started this blog in hopes that it would help me try new foods? Well, I’ve been slacking on that.

However, I’ve had a serious craving to try cajun food lately. I had never eaten it before, but a few weeks ago I went to visit friends in Roanoke, Virginia and they took us out to dinner at The Quarter. I now wish that I had blogged about that experience because the food was incredible! I tried fried alligator (it tastes like chicken, I swear it actually does), had my first BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (a little late to the game, as always), and even tried the creole shrimp dip which was so, so good.

That’s when my friend, Meredith, mentioned a Groupon for The Cajun Experience in downtown DC. I jumped at the chance to tag along.

The restaurant was pretty small from the outside. I actually walked right past it the first time since it blends in with the surrounding businesses and apartment buildings in the Dupont area. It was on the bottom floor of a duplex which totally threw me off. Once I finally made it (I was running a little bit late, oops!), Meredith had already ordered the Hush Puppies to share.

They were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside (just as hush puppies should be) and had a slight taste of cajun seasoning. What I was not expecting were the surprise jalapeños inside which provided a special little kick but weren’t overpowering. I would have eaten like ten of these if I could have.

Meredith and I were total dorks and ended up ordering the exact same thing. We both got the Shrimp and Grits. While we waited for our food to come out, we enjoyed good conversation and caught up. I noticed the restaurant was much, much smaller than I expected. The place only had a few other tables besides ours, most of which were full. I doubt it could have held over 100 people maximum. No wonder they suggest that you call ahead for reservations!

Here’s a picture from their website, since mine all sucked. (Source)

My meal was pretty fantastic too. Exactly what I was craving! The grits were bacon, cheddar and jalapeño and were pretty much the reason that I ordered this meal in the first place. I’m a sucker for anything with bacon. I’d never had grits before and was a little bit surprised by the texture. I’m not sure if this is something that I will incorporate into my everyday eats, but they I enjoyed them in this dish. Of course, the star of the show was the shrimp creole. I ate this up SO fast.

So what did I learn from this experience?

Well, two things: 1) that I love cajun food. Like…a lot. Did you know that New Orleans is the #1 food town in America. There’s so many authentic cajun dishes that I want to try, and so many places to try them! New Orleans trip anyone?

And 2) I really need to work on my dim-lighting food photography.

Any tips on how to take pictures in dimly-lit areas such as restaurants?

Babe’s: A Eulogy

You may not know this about me, but I’m a regular at a bar. Think: How I Met Your Mother, but instead of living right above it, I work right across from it.


But let’s be honest here, it’s the same concept. My bartender, Jeremy, knows exactly what I like to drink (Shock Top, please!) and pours a cold one for me before I even walk in the door! He once told me that should I want to come after work, that all I needed to do was give him a ring ahead and he would have a tall beer waiting for me when I arrived. I mean, seriously, how awesome is that?

My relationship with Babe’s wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. The first few months were very rocky as they sorted out the situation between the bar and the wait staff. But that’s when they hired Jeremy, the best bartender ever. Immediately, he made us feel at home and started to take care of us. For months, Mike(y) and I have been frequenting Babe’s for a Shock Top (or two) and their world famous (to us) grilled cheese! We would leave very happy customers, looking something like this:

I’ve never been a regular anywhere until now…besides a small stint in college where the waitress at Little Italy (a local pizza place) would recognize me whenever I went in there. When I graduated and went back, she asked where I had been hiding. But I don’t think that counts. So, that’s why when we found out that Babe’s was closing, we were supremely disappointed. We looked something like this:

We will miss the tall shock tops. We will miss the grilled cheeses and french fries with extra old bay on the side. We will miss the random sports paraphernalia that doesn’t make any sense, but always favors DC teams.

We will miss the free “oops-I-messed-up-this-drink-for-another-customer-so-you-can-have-it-because-it-still-tastes-awesome” drinks!

We will miss the $5 for the jukebox to put on awesome tunes that no one else would ever request. What up, Footloose?!

We will miss you, Babe’s Sports Bar. Thanks for being the only place to ever make us feel regular. And to whom it may concern over at the new Fajitaritaville (or whatever it’s called that’s taking Babe’s place), may your queso be bountiful and your Shock Tops be $3 at Happy Hour. See you in a week!

Have you ever been a regular somewhere?

Things I’m Digging: January Edition

It’s hard to believe that January is coming to a close. It feels like just the other day we were all ringing in 2012 and now we’re almost 1/12 done with it! I know I say it all the time, but seriously, time flies!

I haven’t done one of these since October, so I think we’re due for another now that the winter months are here. Here are some things I’m totally into this month:

Afternoon Runs

As part of my quest to “get fit”, I’ve inducted the daily afternoon run into my lifestyle. And I totally love it! I get an hour lunch break, so instead of stuffing my face with Chipotle (like I usually do), I’ve started to go on runs. Reasons why I love the afternoon run:

  • It’s light outside and I hate running in the dark
  • It’s the perfect temperature. Not too hot (obviously, it’s January) and not too cold yet either
  • Prevents me from going out to eat for lunch everyday
  • Gives me SOOO much more energy to make it through the rest of the afternoon

Those are just a few reasons. I’m hoping to continue this trend well through the spring. Summer may get questionable as I don’t want to return to work a sweaty mess, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

The Weather

January, hey January, where the heck are you? It feels more like spring out there and I am seriously digging it! I am loving the sun and the 50-something degree temperatures lately. Especially during my afternoon runs. In fact, I would be totally fine if winter decided to skip the DC area completely. Snow = a pain. Ah, I probably just jinxed it by posting this!

Kindle Fire


I got myself a Kindle Fire. Why? Because I wanted it! Since I had accumulated some Amazon gift cards recently, I didn’t even have to pay a cent of my own money. Worth it! While I don’t think it’s as cool as the iPad in terms of functionality, I do think it’s worth the price for what I will use it for. I can access the internet, download apps, watch Netflix, and best of all…READ BOOKS! I’m really trying to read more lately. I just finished The Help with the help (hah, pun unintended) of my Kindle and I’m loving it. I’ve put a few more books on there that I’ve been wanting to read, so I should be set for awhile. Next up, The Hunger Games!



I know I said I was going to make a conscious effort to cut down on my pizza intake. And honestly, I have! I only had pizza one time in the month of January. And that one time was last night. And yep, I still dig it!



It’s right around this time every year that my mind starts to wander to sunny places and warmer temperatures. I’ve already posted about having the travel bug again, but I haven’t made any big plans for vacations yet. My most recent daydreams have taken me to Florida. For some reason, I am having these huge urges to hit up Disney World, the beach, and Harry Potter World. I still haven’t been to the new Harry Potter World and it’s on my list of things to see. Maybe, possibly this year? At least I can always escape there in my mind!

What are you digging lately?