Super Sweaty

Big news everyone! On Saturday morning I woke up at 6:06am WITHOUT an alarm…and didn’t even go back to sleep! Who says I can’t be a morning person? Oh, wait, I did. Anyway, I’m thankful that something in my body triggered me awake because I totally misset my alarm on Friday night. I was trying to wake up at 6am to knock out 12 miles before the predicted 105 degree temperatures set in. And guess what, I did.

This was quite possibly the slowest/worst run of my entire life. I had every intention of running this 12 miles for time, but right around mile 2 I realized that it was going to be a struggle for survival. The heat and humidity, even at 6am, made it hard to even breath. Around mile 4 I began to feel sharp twinges in my back and at mile 5-6, I was convinced my ankle was going to fall off. This happens on occasion and I think it’s a result of the numerous times I sprained and partially tore ligaments in my ankles when I played soccer and basketball.

I stopped back at my apartment after the 6 mile mark to regroup myself, filled up a water bottle and then continued on for the final 6 miles of torture. I listened to my body cues and took it easy. My back pain disappeared and when I was stretching my ankles, I felt something pop into place so that didn’t give me any further problems. Miles 7-9 were…pleasant, if you can even believe that. I knew the final 3 would be tough because the temperatures were rising RAPIDLY. And I could feel it.


Once I hit my turnaround point at mile 9, I knew I had only 2 options. Either: 1) be airlifted back to my apartment, OR 2) run back. I opted for the latter choice as I thought renting a helicopter may put a huge dent in my bank account. Maybe next time. As expected, the last 3 miles SUCKED. I walked up 2 big hills because I thought my legs would straight-up give out if I tried to run them, ouch.

Wednesday’s sweaty 8 miler was child’s play compared to Saturday’s 12 miler. I’m mildly convinced that by the end, I was running dangerously close to having 0% water left in my body. I’m typically a light/moderate sweater, so you KNOW it was a hot/rough run when I look like this at the end:

Ignore that smile on my face, I was actually anything but happy at the time (it’s all an illusion) and there literally wasn’t a dry spot on my quick-dry t-shirt. So sexy, I know. Come and get it, boys!

Anyway, 12 miles is 12 miles no matter how rough. I’m glad to have that one under my belt since (I hope) it won’t be as hot and humid on marathon day in October. Summer training is stupid.

After my 2+ hours of torture, I headed up north to visit my parents and stuff my face with ice cream and mead. Typical. We did a tour de Maryland of sorts. Our first stop was an ice creamery that my brother heard of while visiting a farmer’s market in Baltimore. It’s called South Mountain Creamery and they are the #1 stop (of 7) on the Maryland Ice Cream tour. This place was on a farm out in the middle of nowhere, but the homemade ice cream was…not to get all 90’s on you, but…DA BOMB! I had the Moo Tracks, which was a rich chocolate with peanut butter cups and real peanuts. Om nom!

Next stop was to Orchid Cellar, or more commonly known as The Place My Family Learned About MEAD! We went taste testing and learned a ton about the process of making mead. I ended up buying 2 bottles to take home with me.

Now I’m just gearing up for the week ahead. I hear that the temps are supposed to cool off into the 80’s. I can handle that! Plus, I have a ton of miles to run and lots to do before I leave for the beach next week with my family. Can’t wait!

How did you beat the heat this weekend?

Ice Cream Therapy

How is it possible that little crystals of milk, sugar, and in most cases (in my life anyway), chocolate contain the key to happiness. We eat it at birthday celebrations, we have socials dedicated solely to its consumption, and we even have trucks that play funny jingles devoted to selling the frozen stuff. So, what is it about ice cream that makes it so appealing?

I think ice cream has healing powers. No, really, hear me out! Nearly every single bad day, break up, or fight I’ve ever had has ended with ice cream. After eating a spoon full of my favorite flavor, the world seems a little better and my problems a little smaller. Maybe it’s all mental, but it works for me. I know somewhere in the back of my mind that ice cream isn’t the end-all-be-all to my problems; but it’s all about the little pleasures in life, right? I know many of my friends’ favorite ice cream flavors so that if anything happens I can zip on over and help out with a pint and a spoon. For me, it’s just essencial knowledge.

Ice cream is something I rarely actually have in my house. Probably because I’d be too tempted to eat the whole gallon in one sitting* which is clearly a temptation I am trying to avoid. So, why then, did I go out and buy a pint of this tonight?

Well, multiple reasons. One: it is delicious, Two: chocolate and peanut butter is the most heavenly combination in the known world, and Three: I needed a little ice cream therapy.

While I try to remain generally optimistic and upbeat in the blog world, there are just times when I’m not feeling it. This has been one of those weeks. I’ve been in a funk: I haven’t run once and I’ve eaten pretty terribly everyday. Those are two of the most telling signs that I’m stressed, frustrated, and/or upset. You won’t see any progress on my marathon training, nor any new recipes this week. Sorry, folks, maybe next week. I’m not a good enough liar to trick anyone into thinking my week has been stellar, so I’m not even going to try. This blog is supposed to be honest anyway, right?

Being a 20-something, single, career-oriented woman trying to find her place in this world isn’t always easy. I over-analyze, under-think, and sometimes just fall flat on my face.  In fact, the process of self-discovery can be downright rocky (and I’m not talking about rocky road); the world can be a really unfair place. It’s hard not to get jaded, damn near impossible to always stay positive, and I often feel that I’m running round and round in circles but never making any progress.

It feels like the world is about to crash down on me, but at the moment I’m just going to bask in the small wonder that is chocolate peanut butter ice cream and have faith that everything will somehow work out for the better.

What’s your go-to ice cream flavor?

*For the record, I totally ate a whole gallon of ice cream. Once. On a dare. It did not end well. But at least I can say I did it!