Things I’m Digging: June Edition

June is almost over. Can you believe it? It’s officially summer and that makes me happy. Here are some other things that make me happy:


How cool is that cake topper? The coolest, right? Anyway, as you know, last weekend was Marcus and Lindsey’s wedding and it was a TOTAL blast! I hope to write a full post about it soon, but I’m still trying to round up some pictures. What I will say is that weddings are awesome. It’s refreshing to see two people love each other so unconditionally and without any reservation. Plus, the open bar, abundance of food, and ridiculous amount of dancing don’t hurt either. ūüėÄ You should have seen us cutting a rug!



Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and just enjoy a moment instead of worrying about answering texts/taking a ton of pictures/missing phone calls. There’s been a few weekends recently where I’ve done exactly that. I have essentially forgotten about my cell phone and have tried to live more in the moment. As much as I love sharing my life on here via pictures, sometimes I’d rather see things through both eyes – not through one eye and a¬†lens. I hope that’s okay because I’m totally digging it! (no worries though, I will still be taking PLENTY of photos!)


Let’s be real here, this probably doesn’t surprise anyone. But, I ordered the pork tenderloin this weekend at Lindsey and Marcus’ rehearsal dinner and to my surprise and DELIGHT, it was wrapped in bacon. Om nom nom! Now I have a hankering to try everything wrapped in bacon. Bacon wrapped chicken? Bacon wrapped steak? Bacon wrapped…chocolate sundae? I don’t know. Just give me more!


It’s been like 80¬†bazillion¬†degrees with a 1000% humidity here in DC lately. I don’t handle heat very well, so water has been my new BFF. Drinking it, lounging in it, running through it…you name it, I love it. I’m anxious to see what the rest of the summer brings, it couldn’t possibly get any hotter!! (Famous last words?)



I know, WTF!!! Right? I, Cait, will admit that I have been eating 3-4 salads per week and….I’ve been enjoying it. *GASP* This is a huge step, people. Huge! Also, I’m not a big fan of dressing, but I love lettuce. I know, WTF again. Everything about me is so backwards.

What are you digging about summer?


We all have “-ism’s”, as I like to call them. Those things about you that make you, you! I consider myself to be a quirky person. I’m not talking about the Zoey Deschanel kind of quirky, but more in the literal sense of the word: my personality has a lot of quirks in the form of weird habits, thoughts, and views on things. I like to call them Caitisms.

I try to let my personality shine through in most of my posts, but sometimes when talking about food, running, and whatnot, it can be difficult to show that. So, I figured what better way for you guys to get to know a bit more about me than to just list out random Caitisms.

25 Things You [Probably] Don’t Know About Me

1) I’ve woken up every single day this week with “Rack City” in my head. It’s a weird song to have stuck in your head first thing in the morning, but at the same time it kind of gets me amped up.

2) I generally hate talking on the phone. I find it to be SUPER awkward, just because you can’t see the person and their facial cues. I enjoy text messages though, which seems sort of backwards even to me.

3) I have a really, really good memory of faces, places, and events. If I meet you once, I will likely remember your name. I can also remember specifics of mostly any conversation I’ve had.

4) Crafting makes me happy. Sometimes I go a little overboard when someone approaches me about a possible craft project. For instance, I made this cool t-shirt for this weekend, so excited!

5) I’m a romantic, but I’m also a realist.

6) It makes me uncomfortable when someone I don’t know sits next to me in a movie theater, regardless of whether or not it’s crowded.

7) I hated high school with ever fiber of my being. It was the worst 4 years of my life and I’m so happy to be past that stage. Yet somehow, I managed to walk away with friends who I still see today!

8) I just discovered that I like oatmeal! As long as it has a big scoop of peanut butter in it.

9) I have lived in 4 different states: Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, and Maryland.

10) I genuinely like being a “real adult”, having a regular schedule, and regular working hours. I like my job and the company I work with, which I think is a big factor.

11) At the same time, I miss college. I ‚̧ JMU!

12) I am not typically attracted to men with super dark features (tall, dark, and handsome?). I think they look too similar to me!

13) Sometimes, I forget that I bought a particular clothing item and then find it in my closet months (or years!) later. It’s like shopping at home! That happened with the pants I’m wearing today:

14) I drink a TON of water. Probably 8-10 big cups (the picture below) a day. Still, I’m always dehydrated…

15) 3 years ago I thought running a half marathon was my greatest accomplishment in life. Now, I’ve run 2 full marathons and I’m relatively certain that even those aren’t my biggest accomplishments.

16) <— This is my lucky number!

17) I really like the band Fun. but I won’t tell anyone because I’m worried that’ll make me look like a hipster.


18) My favorite forms of humor are sarcasm and puns.

19) My co-workers call me Caitness and I like it because it sounds like Katniss (from the Hunger Games) and I secretly wish I was her!


20) I talk about my family too much. I’ve always wondered if that’s annoying? I can’t help it, they’re the coolest people I know.

21) My 21st birthday was on Thanksgiving. I spent it in Vegas!

22)¬†I don’t feel heat in my mouth. ¬†Seriously, I don’t feel it.¬†I will drink an entire scalding hot coffee before you can take your first sip.

23) If I could, I’d eat FroYo everyday. I exclusively go for the chocolate flavors.

24) I’ve seen John Mayer 5 times in concert and I’m dying to go to another show. He’s so talented and my favorite live musician!

25) I have a double jointed thumb. See:

What are some of your -isms?